Kourageous Karl: Drawn Into Hell

A new release! I've branched out from the Somewhat Silly Story series and applied absurd humor and colorful descriptions to a more adult-themed book (grown-up situations and oh-so-naughty words). Kourageous Karl: Drawn Into Hell is a tale about a dark loner who wakes to find himself trapped in the most miserable of hells ... the colorful, cheery land of a child's fairy tale! How terrible for him!

Is this just a hallucination brought on by the cheap vodka our main character swills? Perhaps his favorite drink is tainted with a little bit of that sweet Chernobyl run-off. Or is there something more sinister at work? It turns out there are worse things for Karl than hell.

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Sir Nathan and the Quest for Queen Gobbledeegook

Queen Gobbledeegook has gone missing and it is up to Sir Nathan, the Hero of Mariskatania, to find her. Along the way he meets all sorts of odd folks, including pixies and wizards and a hulking creature named Mitzy that likes to knit. The land of Mariskatania is a colorful one, filled with bright Jubb Jubb Trees and fuzzy, blue Hobnobber Squirrels who spend all their time looking for Huckle Nuts, a snack guaranteed to poison them.

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Sir Nathan and the Troublesome Task

Once again, Queen Gobbledeegook has called upon Sir Nathan, Hero of Mariskatania, to help in her time of need. The Royal Twins have gone missing and it seems as if only the Hero can find them.

Sir Nathan finds his mission difficult as he encounters dragons and witches and an entire tribe of ogres, but he's even more troubled by a tag-along who wants to be a knight, but hasn't taken the required two-hour Basic Knight Training Class.

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Sir Nathan and the Clammy Calamity

A new, surprising form of evil walks the land of Mariskatania, intent on flooding the world and taking over as emperor! Normally, Sir Nathan, the Hero of the land, would ride up on his faithful steed and have things sorted out before lunch time.

But, who do you call when the Hero is suffering from dampened derring-do? Help comes from many unexpected shapes and sizes in the third book of Mark Simon Smith's series of Somewhat Silly Stories.

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Sir Nathan and the Tentacles of Terror

A villain capable of hiding in plain site launches a most dastardly attack on Mariskatania and Sir Nathan's skills are put to the test as he must fight to rescue a large group of kidnapped citizens.

Meanwhile, the leader of the hostile attackers is starting to have second thoughts about living up to his parents' evil expectations, especially after he falls in love with young woman, even though she has no tentacles at all.

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Puppy Ponderings
"If cats looked like frogs we'd realize what nasty, cruel little b*stards they are. Style. That's what people remember."
-Terry Pratchett

Claudine's Somewhat-Abnormal Day

When Claudine woke up Tuesday morning, the entire world had been turned upside down. Now, a lot of grownups will say just that sort of thing when life becomes confusing, but Claudine knew that was just what old people called a "Met-A-Four", which was just a fancy way of not saying what you really meant.

But, for Claudine, the world really was upside down.

"Boy-howdy-bonkers, this sure is going to make it hard to get to school," she said as she lay on the ceiling of her bedroom, trapped in the small cave made by her overturned bed.

To call this book “somewhat silly,” is putting it mildly.

Sir Nathan is a lovable hero with more enthusiasm than sense.

A book any reluctant reader would definitely stick with.

A clever tale that produces laughter, groans, and everything in between.

An entertaining world for children and adults alike.

It was even funnier than the other two books!

The writing is very clever.

The black and white illustrations are delightful.

I recommend the book to advanced young readers and anyone who likes a good laugh!